Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Biology Test

Q-1 Which age is regarded as Archaezoic era?
(a) Protists (b) Aquatic life
(c) Fossil (d) None
Q-2 Which of the following are dinosaurs?
(a) Living reptile (b) Extinct reptile
(c) Mammals (d) None
Q-3 Who is father of palaeontology?
(a) L.D.Vinci (b) P.D.Vinci
(c) K.D.Vinci (d) None
Q-4 In Biology, what is meaning of evolution?
(a) Living thing constantly change (b) Oceanic life
(c) Poles life (d) None
Q-5 Which of the following is correct about fossile?
(a) Organic relic of past (b) Old mountain
(c) A&B (d) None
Q-6 In seals flipper are?
(a) Fore limb (b) Hand
(c) Skin (d) None
Q-7 Who is founder of evolutionary concept?
(a) Buffon (b) G.Cuvier
(c) R.Owen (d) None
Q-8 Which eras have no life on earth?
(a) Proterzoic (b) Azoic
(c) A&B (d) None
Q-9 Who gave recapitulation theory?
(a) C.Darwin (b) Hackel
(c) Wisdom (d) None
Q-10 --------- is father of modern embryology?
(a) Von Baes (b) Hackles
(c) Darwin (d) None
Q-11 Which part of Human becomes easily fossile?
(a) Tooth (b) Bone
(c) Kidney (d) None
Q-12 First of all geological time is developed by?
(a) G. Avaduina (b) S.Vinci
(c) Darwin (d) None
Q-13 Meszoic was---------age of reptiles?
(a) Silver (b) Golden
(c) Diamond (d) None
Q-14 Which indicate the evolution of fossils?
(a) Horse (b) Donkey
(c) Bee (d) None
Q-15 Which is used for dating of fossils?
(a) Radioactive Carbon (b) Cac2
(c) H2 SO4 (d) None
Q-16 Paleontology is study of --------
(a) Fossils (b) Fish
(c) Whole (d) None
Q-17 If birds have teeth then it is -----
(a) Archaeopteryx (b) Ostrich
(c) A&B (d) None
Q-18 Population is unit of-----
(a) Evolution (b) Radiation
(c) Microevolution (d) None
Q-19 Which of the following is half life of C-14?
(a) 8000 years (b) 5000 years
(c) 19000 years (d) None
Q-20 How can we calculate the age of rock?
(a) Lead presence (b) Ammonia presence
(c) A&B (d) None
Q-21 Palaeobotany is study of--------
(a) Plant fossils (b) Hair
(c) Skin (d) None
Q-22 From the following which is cause of variation
(a) Recombination’s (b) Breeding
(c) Skin (d) None
Q-23 Who is behind ‘Survival of fittest’?
(a) Herbert Spencer (b) H D Vries
(c) A&B (d) None
Q-24 Which book is written by Charles Darwin?
(a) Natural Selection (b) Origin of Species
(c) A&B (d) None
Q-25 --------- is the ship used by Darwin.
(a) Beagle (b) Kobe’s
(c) Gold (d) None
1 (a) Protists
2 (b) Extinct reptile
3 (a) L.D.Vinci
4 (a) Living thing constantly change
5 (a) Organic relic of past
6 (a) Fore limb
7 (a) Buffon
8 (b) Azoic
9 (b) Hackel
10 (a) Von Baes
11 (a) Tooth
12 (a) G. Avaduina
13 (b) Golden
14 (a) Horse
15 (a) Radioactive Carbon
16 (a) Fossils
17 (a) Archaeopteryx
18 (a) Evolution
19 (b) 5000 years
20 (a) Lead presence
21 (a) Plant fossils
22 (a) Recombination’s
23 (a) Herbert Spence’s
24 (b) Origin of Species
25 (a) Beagle

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Biology Test 2

Q-1 Study of bacteria comes under.
(a) Biophysics (b) Bacteria
(c) Biohydrolody (d) None
Q-2 Study of grasser is called
(a) Agrology (b) Agrastology
(c) Ecology (d) None
Q-3 Cardiology is study of
(a) Brain (b) Heart
(c) Egg (d) None
Q-4 Study of snakes comes under
(a) Ornithology (b) Philology
(c) Pathology (d) None
Q-5 Parasitology is study of
(a) Numismatic (b) Parasites
(c) A & B (d) None
Q-6 Spectrobhobia is a fear of
(a) Fire (b) Feather
(c) Mirror (d) None
Q-7 Which of the following is fear of flying?
(a) Cynobhobia (b) Fear of flying
(c) A & B (d) None
Q-8 Ponophobia is a fear of
(a) River (b) Work
(c) A & B (d) None
Q-9 Who is known as father of microbiology?
(a) Pare (b) Liebig
(c) Pasteur (d) None
Q-10 In which year Second Nobel Prize in biology is
Received by Ronald rose?
(a) 1905 (b) 1902
(c) 1908 (d) None
Q-11 Leeuwenhoek used which type of microscope?
(a) Compound (b) Simple
(c) A & B (d) None
Q-12 AIDS Generally spread through
(A) Blood (b) Air
(c) Dust (d) None
Q-13 What is concentration of salt in blood?
(a) 150mg per 100ml (b) 200mg per 100ml
(c) 0.9mg per 100ml (d) None
Q-14 Which of the following is a neutral fat?
(a) Oil (b) Chocolate
(c) Ice Cream (d) None
Q-15 Sucrose is also known as
(a) Trible Sugar (b) Double Sugar
(c) Single Sugar (d) None
Q-16 Which of the following regulate body temperature?
(a) Heart (b) Lungs Muscles & Spin
(c) Brain (d) None
Q-17 Which of the following is a legal death?
(a) Chemical Death (b) Biological Death
(c) Clinical Death (d) None
Q-18 What Can we say about universe?
(a) Open System (b) Closed System
(c) A & B (d) None
Q-19 Potential energy is also known as
(a) Stored Energy (b) Rotational Energy
(c) K. E. (d) None
Q-20 On the Earth we receive Solar energy in the form of a
(a) Photon (b) Graviton
(c) Dextron (d) None
Q-21 Which of the following in regarded as living fossil?
(a) Limulus (b) Sycon
(c) Crater (d) None
Q-22 Who proposed biogenetic law?
(a) Newton (b) Darwin
(c) Hacckle (d) None
Q-23 Who is regarded as father of ATP cycle?
(a) Lipmann (b) Koch
(c) A & B (d) None
Q-24 Stanley is ……
(a) Father of ECG (b) Father of virology
(c) A & B (d) None
Q-25 By Hydrophobia we mean that
(a) Fear of water (b) Fear of lakes
(c) Fear of snow (d) none


1 b
2 b
3 b
4 b
5 b
6 c
7 b
8 b
9 c
10 b
11 b
12 a
13 c
14 a
15 b
16 b
17 b
18 b
19 a
20 a
21 a
22 b
23 a
24 b
25 a

Monday, December 22, 2008

Biology Test

Biology Test
Q-1 Actinology is study of?
(a) Tribal customs (b) Radiation effect (c) Ecology
(d) None
Q-2 Araneololog is study of which species
(a) Spider (b) Insect (c) Butterfly (d) None
Q-3 Skull’s study comes under?
(a) Cosmology (b) Chranilogy (c) Oncology (d) None
Q-4 Neonatology is study of --------?
(a) New born (b) Tissue (c) Ecology (d) None
Q-5 Who in birdman of India?
(a) Salim Ali (b) Koch (c) Stanley (d) None
Q-6 Alexander Fleming also known as?
(a) Father of Antibiotics (b) Father of virology
(C) A&B (d) None
Q-7 Anatomical preparations is a book of ?
(a) Galon (b) Charka (c) Manu (d) None
Q-8 Caring of ill & injured comes under?
(a) Nursing (b) Pharmacy (c) Radiology (d) None
Q-9 Repairing & diagnose of bone joints comes under?
(a) Pathology (b) Orthopedics (c) Radiology (d) None
Q-11 Acc. to charka living being composes by?
(a) 5 elements (b) 6 elements (c) 7 elements
(d) 8 elements
Q-12 Recombinant DNA technology is developed by?
(a) Aristotle (b) Bate son (c) Conan & boys
(d) None
Q-13 Alchemist hospital is in?
(a) Punch Kula (b) Chennai (c) Ranchi (d) None
Q-14 Which of the following scientist discovered circulation
of blood?
(a) Newton (b) William Harvey (c) Khushu (d) None
Q-15 ENT mean?
(a) Ear, nose, throat (b) Ear, nose, throat (c) Eye, nose –
throat (d) None
Q-16 Which of them comes under locomotory system?
(a) Bone & joints (b) Kidney (c) Liver (d) None
Q-17 Anthrax is caused by?
(a) Bacillus Anthracis (b) Cellulose (c) Animalium
(d) None
Q-18 Exobiology?
(a) Study of life in outer space (b) Study of ants
(c) Study of plant (d) None
Q-19 Euphenics is completed with ?
(a) Genetic Engineering (b) Corneal Science (c) A&B
(d) None
Q-20 Which is study of fossils?
(a) Ophiology (b) Cell divisions (c) Palae ntology
(d) None
Q-21 Who is regarded as God of Medicine?
(a) Charak (b) Atreya (c) Dhanvantri
(d) None
Q-22 A I D S in caused by which virus?
(a) H I V (b) HIC (c) HID (d) None
Q-23 HIV stands for?
(a) Harry Indian volcano (b) Human immunodeficiency
(C) A&B (d) None
Q-24 Treatment of mental illness comes under?
(a) Psychiatry (b) Radiology (c) Radio (d) None
Q-25 Who discovered linkage?
(a) W. Bate son (b) Mendel (c) K.Corrent (d) None

1 b
2 a
3 b
4 a
5 a
6 a
7 a
8 a
9 b
10 a
11 b
12 c
13 a
14 b
15 c
16 a
17 a
18 a
19 a
20 c
21 c
22 a
23 b
24 a
25 a


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